SDTM mapping

My Experience With SDTM Mapping

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SDTM mapping has been something that I have read online about a lot. Due to my role getting involved with clinical trials studies Iam always on the lookout for more unique and effective ways to conduct and finish clinical trials. In this short article I will share with you my overall experience of using SDTM Mapping and explain my thoughts on why this process is so important within a clinical trials environment.

SDTM mapping

Managing A Clinical Trials Environment

In order to be able to use and implement SDTM mapping effectively , it is essential that you are able to effectively manage a clinical trials environment. This means that you must be able to respond and work to changes within a fast moving environment as well as being able to manage and work with several other staff members in order to ensure that data is being logged efficiently and accurately.

One of the main reasons why SDTM mapping is being implemented is to simplify data logging procedures as well as speeding up the rate at which data is being collected. Data logging and collection during the clinical trials process is very important as without accurate data , trials will be unable to continue or could even produce results that are simply inaccurate.

SDTM mapping

How Important Are Clinical Trials?

Based on my experience working in the clincial trials industry , there are a number of ways in which clinical trials can be considered important. One of the most notable ways in which clinical trials can be classed as important is by furthering clinical and medical research.

Throughout my time in the industry , I have seen countless projects that have led to the development of new medicines , drugs , treatments and tests for different issues within the medical industry. These have then been developed over time through further clinical trials in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the treatments/drugs.

Due to the emergence of new viruses as well as complex medical issues , clinical trials can hold a vital role in providing a platform from which important research and study can be conducted to find a vaccine or antidote to these conditions.

The Effectiveness Of SDTM Mapping

There are many different ways in which the overall effectiveness of SDTM mapping can be measured. One of the most important things to note about SDTM mapping is that it allows for the fast and accurate collection of data.

Being able to collect and log data accurately and quickly is essential during clinical trials as often clinical trials need to be conducted over a short time period. SDTM mapping tools in my experience have given me the tools and capability required to log data much faster and more accurately than I would be able to without using these tools.

SDTM mapping


To conclude , my personal experience of working within the clinical trials industry has shown me the true value of SDTM mapping. Other systems are being developed and used within clinical trials across the world. However I will continue to favour SDTM due to its ease of use , flexibility and overall accuracy in use.