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Any place that deals with heavy lifting in manufacturing and production will have heard of pump trucks. Trucks can come in many different forms but will all do one thing – move pallets. They are most commonly used in warehouses and in supermarkets such as ASDA to manoeuvre their products. Essentially they are the most basic form of a forklift that can be operated by hand. Otherwise going by names such as pallet truck, pallet pump and even nicknames such as dog and jigger. These are some of the reasons why they are essential to have in the workplace:

  • Manual Handling

You or your workers cannot be expected to move everything by hand – no matter how many of you there are. You can also not be expected to use a forklift or some other form of heavy machinery every time something needs lifted or moved. That is were these trucks come in handy. As they are operated by hand they save you from spending time and fuel operating a forklift. It also saves you from the physical cost that manual labour would bring – not to mention needing more manpower and it potentially taking longer than needed.

  • Easy to Use

The best thing about this machinery is the simplicity of them. Once you have slid the truck under the pallet all you need to do is pump it up in the same manner that you would a bicycle tire and it will lift up a pallet with ease. Simply steer the truck in the direction that it needs maneuvering to and to place it back down to the ground simply release the air from the pump and the pallet will return to the floor or whatever it needs placing on top of.

  • Variation of Pump Trucks

There are so many different types of this product. Meaning that there will always be something that can satisfy your needs in the workplace. With models ranging from basic models that cost around £235 to more advanced products that cost over £700. You can visit the contact page over at LLM Handling and they will help you decide which product will be best suited to your workplace needs.

pump trucks

  • Heavier Lifting

If you feel that a simple pump would not be able to handle the amount of lifting that happens at your place of work then why not have a look at some more advanced lifts. Alternatives such as electric ones that are able to carry a heavier workload than the standard pump.