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If you’re considering a new driveway for your home, you might want to know about all of the options available. Resurfacing (or also known as simply ‘laying’) a driveway is basically the procedure of tearing up just a small section of your driveway down. You then apply new concrete on top, basically making a new driveway from scratch without actually having to completely dig the entire yard up. To begin with, it’s very cost effective, but still requires that the driveway has been properly installed in the first place. While new driveways aren’t usually needed, homeowners do keep an eye on their mileage to ensure they’re not getting a good deal. The following are five common ways to resurface a driveway in Glasgow.

Sealing A Driveway

Sealing – The biggest benefit of sealing a driveway Glasgow is that you won’t have to reseal it again for many years. Unlike other options, sealing drives, especially new ones, provides extremely low maintenance over the long term. Sealing typically lasts between five and ten years before requiring reapplication. The initial cost of sealing is often offset by the savings in maintenance, which can translate into huge savings in the long run.

Cracks – The primary benefit to resealing a driveway Glasgow is that it will typically close up any cracks in the driveway that have developed over the years. By closing up these small fractures, you make it much harder for water to sneak underneath, leading to greater property damage in the form of cracks and water stains over time. By sealing cracks, you can get rid of them completely over the long run, saving you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Sealing can last up to fifteen years in some cases, although the actual amount you’ll save will vary based on your home and driving patterns.

Resurfacing And Matching Driveway Colours

Color Matching – When it comes to paved driveways, there’s a lot more variety in color available than with concrete. While a black paved driveway might match most home designs, it won’t look as good in all home designs. You can opt for almost any color, including white, cream, tan, clay, brick, etc. Of course, the more natural the color, the less impact it will have on the home, but depending on the home’s style, you may choose a different color altogether.

Maintenance and Repairs – One of the main reasons you’d want to install new driveway sealers is to keep it properly maintained. Sealcoating can help prevent cracking and blistering that happens over time, especially if the driveway is made out of cast iron, concrete, asphalt, or pavers. Depending on the materials used in construction, you can expect up to three decades of dependable service from a new driveway sealer. Some homeowners also find that resealing decreases the amount of driving required to maintain the driveway, which can save a significant amount of money. Of course, this depends upon the condition of the pavement itself, but overall, these pros outweigh the cons.

Sealing Asphalt

Asphalt sealing is one of the best ways to ensure that you get years of dependable service out of your new driveway Glasgow. If you are having it installed by a professional contractor, ask whether they would guarantee the job for a certain number of years based on the type of material being used. Some contractors may do this as part of a deal, while others might charge a bit more for this guarantee, depending on the contractor’s experience with the particular material.