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Technology is always moving forward and is not part of nearly every moment of our lives. From capturing moments that will last forever on your phone to streaming your favourite TV show on demand, we can now do almost anything in an instant. But sometimes people do weird and wonderful things with technology. These cool gadgets are something a bit different from the ones we use in our everyday lives.

  • MoovNow

This fitness tracker may look like something they would wear in a bad sci-fi movie but looks aren’t everything with this device. While other fitness trackers such as FitBit look to develop more in to being smart watches with screens. MoovNow has gone away from that completely. With no screen at all and a six month battery life, this gadget will keep you from being distracted as well as not having to worry about forgetting to charge it. It’s also cheap compared to its competition, with prices around £50.

  • Cool Gadgets Choice: HTC Vive

As video gaming steps away from HDTV and towards Virtual Reality one product stands out from the rest. The HTC Vive. With over 2500 games to choose from and the ability to play seated, standing or in any space that is 15 by 15 feet it is the VR Headset that everyone is talking about. While a steep price at £599, it would give you bragging rights over all your friends.

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  • Anki Cozmo

This is primarily a toy – but it has become much more than that. This small robot will teach you how to code as well as being full of personality. Cozmo comes with an app and half an hour charge will allow you to play with him for triple that time. Priced at around £199, it is something that both kids and adults alike can enjoy.

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  • XYZprinting da Vinci Mini 3D Printer

3D Printers are fast becoming all the rage. Who wouldn’t want be able to print out their own toys, ornaments and more? But they can often take up huge amounts of space that you would have to have a lot of storage for. The da Vinci Mini takes up around 1.5Ft in space. While not ideal it is certainly better than the rest available on the market. It is also a lot cheaper than others on the market at £235.

  • Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker

Losing a wallet, phone or laptop can be devastating. If only you could somehow know where they are at the look of an app. Well this is the case with Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker. The width of just two credit cards this device will allow you to place it with anything and ensure that you can locate it within seconds. Other features include making your phone ring even when on silent. All this just for the price of £29.99

  • Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

Nowadays all are photos are captured digitally and stored on to the cloud or hard drives without the need for hard copies. However, sometimes hard copies are nice to have. You can carry them with you anywhere and are able to give loved ones who may not use technology a copy. The Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer allows you to print small copies of iPhone photos out immediately. All for the price of £199.

cool gadgets