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Sometimes it can feel like you go to the same pub or bar every time you go out. Whether or not its because its only down the road or you hold a special connection to that place it can sometimes get a bit too familiar. That’s where we come in. These five Best Bars Glasgow has to offer can each give you something a bit different from your usual drinking establishment while at the same time all having that same thing in common – a good time.

  • Grosvenor Cafe

Situated on one of Glasgow’s most famous streets – Ashton Lane – this old converted cinema is one of the best nights the city has to offer. This place must be good if it has beat out the several other bars that it calls its neighbours on a street known for drinking. Numerous beers, tasty cocktails and a host of wines are just some of the drinks that you can overdrink. With good food on offer to be sure to go down when a sporting event is on as they pull down a large projector screen for everyone to see.

best bars glasgow

  • Sloans

Why not take a trip down memory lane with a visit to Glasgow’s oldest bar? While it has updated itself a few times down the years it has stayed true to its roots. Situated in the heart of the City Centre you’ll have no excuse for not knowing how to get there. With its grand ballrooms and great times this is a bar everybody in Glasgow has to try.


  • Flat 0/1

This may be the strangest experience out of the lot. Designed as if you were drinking in someone’s living room, this bar has the feel of a classic house party with the music turned all the way up. One of the only bars where staple Glasgow beverages Buckfast and Mad Dog are served be sure to check this place out for an authentic Glasgow experience.

best bars glasgow

  • Super Bario

A place that is one of a kind in Glasgow. The only place that combines a range of alcohol including beers from all over the planet with vintage arcade games. Super Bario is a place that nobody can get bored in with arcade games ranging from new releases to 80s classics. With most of the machines available for free play, all you have to pay for are the drinks.


  • One of the Best Bars Glasgow Has to Offer: Hillhead Bookclub

The Hillhead Bookclub is situated in Glasgow’s West End just off Byers Road. This is a place with plenty to offer from DJs regular playing to drag bingo nights. With drinks like the strawberry gin mojito keeping you coming back. There are also activities such as ping pong and a Nintendo64 to make sure you stay entertained. This unique place won’t break the budget either and will quickly become your favourite watering hole.

best bars glasgow

In a city with as many bars as Glasgow has it can be hard to stand out. But these five all manage to do it. They are all close to public transport meaning that you can take the night off and enjoy what they have to offer.