Social Media Marketing
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Social Media has become the go to platform for nearly every form of life. You talk to your friends, share information about your life and review your experience. Marketing has not been any different, social media marketing is now one of the most useful tools for companies today. Here’s why:

  • Increased Brand Recognition

Before Social Media the only way your company would be viewed was if someone had previous knowledge or they searched for you. Now you are able to be in contact with everyone at the click of a button


  • Brand Loyalty Improves

Studies have shown that companies that engage through social media channels are more likely to have return customers.

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  • Opportunities to Convert

The more you post on social media the more chance that a potential customer will see this and try out your business. While not every time you interact will end up with a new or returning customer, the more positive interactions the more chance of business.


  • Brand Authority Increases

If you are constantly engaging with your customers through social media it improves the reputation of your organisation. You are perceived to be more caring and thoughtful about your customer base.

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  • Inbound Traffic Increases

Without any form of social media the traffic that you will receive online will be minimal. People are learning of new companies every day due to their presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. If you don’t have these platforms then it is likely that you won’t be as successful as your competitors.


  • Marketing Costs are Lowered

According to a survey from Hubspot, 84% of Marketers found that six hours of marketing on social media a week was enough for an evident increase in traffic. This little input for results is a major reason why more and more companies are focusing on social media.


  • Search Engine Optimisation Improves

As well as saving money, being active on social media is becoming more important to search engines such as Google. They see it as a way of legitimizing your business if you are putting in work and spending time interacting with potential customers on social media.

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  • Richer Customer Experiences

Social Media is also just another form of interaction with the customer – but much more likely to be in public. If a customer is positive about you on social media you can go out your way to promote this. This means if a customer is negative then you can publicly apologise to the customer and try and solve their problem – this is beneficial to business.


  • Improvement of Customer Insights

Through social media you are able to see what consumers want from a company,  or a product and apply that to your own organisation. This way you do not have spend as much money on market research as people are posting it online for everyone to see.


  • Augmented Reality – Social Media Marketing

Now apps such as Snapchat have become a phenomenon – particularly with younger demographics. This app allows you to add filters to their pictures. The right filters could ensure that people notice your business and help to increase brand awareness and sales.

social media marketing

There are so many different benefits of using social media as a marketing tool that companies cannot ignore it. Especially with the vast range of different platforms that are now available to everyone. What ways have you used Social Media Marketing to improve your business?